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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category
679974Online Parking CalculatorBugNewLow"Cost" field is not empty by defaultNikolay Vatkov2017-06-29 01:07 PM
679949Trap QuestBugNewNormalMasturbation shyness monstername bug still present Aika X2017-06-29 10:48 AMruntime error code
679917FreecivBugResolvedImmediateDrop --enable-svnrev support from mpcliJacob Nevins2017-06-29 09:04 AMModpack Installer
679872Trap QuestBugNewNormalmaid punishments coming fast and furious2017-06-28 11:20 PM
679871Trap QuestBugNewNormalstack overflow2017-06-28 11:18 PM
679864FreecivFeatureResolvedNormalSplit the action "Steal Gold"Sveinung Kvilhaugsvik2017-06-28 09:03 PMGeneral
679857Online Parking CalculatorBugNewNormalWrong message when input Leave date/time before Entry date/timeSimeon Karastoyanov2017-06-28 08:00 PM
679854Online Parking CalculatorBugNewNormalWrong message when input Entry date/time = Leave date/timeSimeon Karastoyanov2017-06-28 07:53 PM
679850Online Parking CalculatorBugNewNormalWrong message when unselected "Entry date" and "Leaving date"Simeon Karastoyanov2017-06-28 07:30 PM
679849Online Parking CalculatorBugNewNormalWrong Drop-down list.Simeon Karastoyanov2017-06-28 07:09 PM
679848Bambino CamponêsTaskNewNormalMais fotos da última notíciaLeandro Severino2017-06-28 07:06 PM
679846Bambino CamponêsTaskNewNormalMais uma notícia e fotosLeandro Severino2017-06-28 07:01 PM
679845Online Parking CalculatorBugNewLowWrong default values in field "Cost"2017-06-28 07:01 PM
679844Bambino CamponêsTaskNewNormalOutra notícia e fotosLeandro Severino2017-06-28 06:42 PM
679842Bambino CamponêsTaskNewNormalMais duas fotosLeandro Severino2017-06-28 06:18 PM
679839Bambino CamponêsTaskNewNormalNotícia e fotosLeandro Severino2017-06-28 06:09 PM
679829Bambino CamponêsTaskNewNormalCardápiosLeandro Severino2017-06-28 05:18 PM SupportTaskNewNormal1231242017-06-28 09:25 AM
679624AngularTaskAssignedNormalCreate documents for links in register and security profile initializationViki Peeva2017-06-27 01:10 PM
679462Online Parking CalculatorBugNewNormalShowing worng message when the 'Leave time' is set to earler hour than 'Enty Time'2017-06-26 03:07 PM
679460Online Parking CalculatorBugNewNormalNot displaying the correct massage when When 'Leave data' is set to earlier than 'Ener data'2017-06-26 03:03 PM
679458Online Parking CalculatorBugNewNormalShowing worng message when the Entry date and Leave date are not selected.2017-06-26 03:00 PM
679457Online Parking CalculatorBugNewHigh'Choose a Lot' dropdown menu is showing more results2017-06-26 02:56 PM
679456Online Parking CalculatorBugNewLowWhen data/time is unselected it is displaying valueПетър Белев2017-06-26 02:53 PM
679432Online Parking CalculatorBugNewNormalOnline Parking Calculator(Entry date/time = Leave date/time)Dimitar Manasiev2017-06-26 01:11 PM
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