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My modpack for v2.6 based on civ2civ3 is almost ready, and it includes many new features that I don't know if I should try to introduce in the official releases. I'd like to hear your opinions about the desired development of the official version of civ2civ3. Should I try to introduce new rules that take advantage of the new features of each version? or should I try to keep it as stable as possible, with no big changes to the rules? Or something in between?

I'm making patches here for those changes that I see as clear improvements that hardly affect the gameplay, and I believe that could be included in v2.6 beta:

- Pollution and Fallout are possible in forests and jungles again.
- Disabled the minimum food output in the city tile. It only affects cities on Desert, that now will lose the food if they are mined.
- Roads are built automatically in every city, even on rivers without bridge building. It allows big land units to attack cities on non-native terrain.
- Carriers can transport units of Land class (same units as Helicopters).
- Units with cost of population do not pay upkeep of Shields or Gold: Settlers, Migrants and Fanatics.

There are some changes that I'd like to introduce in v3.0, but might not be tested enough for v2.6:

- National culture increases the cost to bribe your units or incite your cities (up to +100%), and reduces the chances of civil war (up to 50%). The culture of each city increases its resistance against actions of enemy agents (up to +50%).
- Immunity against bribe actions (under Republic or Democracy) replaced by increased costs (+100%). Most governments (except Despotism and Monarchy) get these increased costs against bribe and incite actions too.
- Effect of Courthouse against incite actions fixed to +100%. Replaced the lower cost of empty cities, by an additional +100% when not empty.
- Buildings with bonus to defense are visible by others (middle click on the city), and it is not possible to sabotage them.
- All military infantry units can build fortresses. All worker units can build airbases, and can remove any terrain improvement.
- Enabled ZOC for Sea units in Deep Ocean. Cargo boats and Submarines do not impose ZOC to enemy units. Air units can be used to ignore enemy ZOCs.
- Tech Labor Union allows cities to build engineers with one extra veteran level.
- Appearance of Partisans in conquered cities requires the knowledge of Guerrilla Warfare by the owner.
- Tribal gets +1 content per city, instead of martial law.

- Added new government: Fascism (available with Tactics, which requires Leadership and Conscription). Veteran bonus of Tribal and Fascism affects to all unit classes.
- Halved the chances of civil war for every government. Switched empire size of Tribal (now 12) and Monarchy (now 14), Fundamentalism (now 18) and Fascism (now 20).
- Effect of "A.Smith's Trading Co" is summed to equivalent effect of Communism or Fascism governments.
- Readjusted effect of wonders "Statue of Zeus", "King Richard's Crusade" (now obsolete by Radio), "Mausoleum of Mausolos" (now obsolete by Communism), "Great Library" (now obsolete by Steam Engine), "Isaac Newton's College", "Internet", "Marco Polo's Embassy" (now obsolete by The Corporation), and "United Nations".
- The following wonders now affect only to cities located on the same continent: "Great Wall" (now obsolete by Flight), "Sun Tzu's War Academy", "Eiffel Tower" (now enables appearance of Partisans), and "J.S. Bach's Cathedral".

There are some experimental rules that are surely not ready for official releases:

- Added new barbarian nation that controls hostile animal units, placed randomly at the start of the game.
- Added new policies: Mobilization (available with Conscription) and Propaganda (available with Radio).
- Disabled Tech Leakage: technologies cost the same even if already discovered by other nations, and Embassies no longer affect the research costs.
- When you get a new tech by treaty, conquest, or diplomatic mission, half of its cost is subtracted from your research pool.
- You do not lose a technology due to negative research pool unless the negative points are greater than half the cost of your current research.
- Tech Explosives allows new terrain improvements: Naval Mines that damage adjacent sea units, and Canals to join oceans separated by no more than 2 land tiles.
- Defense bonus +50% in Deep Ocean (or Ocean with a Naval Mine) against sea units (except against submarines). Submarine defense changed to 4 (was 5), and doubled against air attacks.

Then a new trade system based on strategic resources, that requires lots of new gfxs, so probably not suitable for official releases:

- Enabled national trade routes again (without min distance), that spread the effects of bonus resources, though with halved revenues. It is not possible to create trade routes with foreign cities unless they are allies or they are from the same team.
- Added new resources, up to 3 per terrain: Incense (+3 trade on desert), Deer (+2 food on forest, while Pheasant now +1 food and +1 trade), Marble (+1 production and +1 trade on hills), Ivory (now on jungle, with 1 less trade), Seals (same bonuses as Ivory, but on glacier), Shellfish (+1 food and +1 trade on oceans and lakes), Salt (+1 production and +1 trade on coastal ocean), Horses (+2 production on plains, while Buffalo now +1 food and +1 production), Sugar (+2 food and +2 trade on swamp).
- There are now 6 resources on Grassland, with 3 different effects: Cattle or Corn (+1 food), Wool or Cotton (+1 production), Tea or Tobacco (+2 trade).
- There are also 4 extra strategic resources that can be used when certain tech is researched by the player (+2 production with the required tech): Niter (on plains or desert with Gunpowder), Rubber (on jungle, swamp or forest with Chemistry), Aluminum (on hills or tundra with Advanced Flight), Uranium (on mountains or glacier with Nuclear Fission).
- Luxury resources (Incense, Silk, Tea, Tobacco, Wine, Gems, Gold, Shellfish, Spice, Furs): +1 Luxury in the tile, and in cities linked by trade route.
- Food resources (Seals, Oasis, Pheasant, Deer, Cattle, Corn, Fruit, Fish, Whales, Wheat, Buffalo, Sugar, Game): +1 unit free of upkeep in cities linked by trade route.
- Production resources (Oil, Wool, Cotton, Coal, Marble, Ivory, Iron, Salt, Horse, Peat; Niter, Rubber, Aluminum, Uranium): +1 Production in cities linked by trade route.
- Recover resources (Horses, Ivory, Wood, Coal/Peat, Oil): halved effect of HP recover buildings in a city without the resource required by the unit (infantry units require a Hospital, wooded units require Lumber).
- Strategic resources (Horses, Ivory; Niter, Rubber, Aluminum, Uranium): +1 veteran level for certain units built in the city.
- All resources affect a bit the chances of plague, so they can be seen in the city UI. Increased risk for resources traded from other cities.

- Wonder Manhattan Project requires Uranium available in the city. Apollo Program requires Aluminum.
- Cities with an Airport and available Uranium can launch Nuclear weapons (with double range after the discovery of Rocketry). In the rest of cases, Rocketry is needed to enable the movement of Nuclear units (no longer affected by Advanced Flight).
- Forest and Jungle can be mined to get Lumber (+1 production). Forests can no longer be transformed to Grassland directly (now Forest to Plains, and Plains to Grassland).
- Naval units recover +25% HPs at cities with a Harbour and the resource required by the unit.
- Added new building: Hospital (available with Medicine), that reduces 30% the chances of plague in the city (old effect of Medicine), and required by Barracks to recover damaged infantry units.
- Tech Medicine allows non wheeled land units to recover 2 HPs per turn, even without resting. Physics allow the same for wheeled and naval units.
- Increased by one the number of veterancy levels, with effects: 100%, 125%, 150%, 175% and 200%. Engineers up to 150%.

I have made a github repository where I plan to upload stable versions of the modpack:
When I find it ready, I'll ask cazfi to make it available in the modpack-tool.

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