Bug #769371

BUG: slutty sister forced to leave room

Added by Philip Fang 9 months ago. Updated 9 months ago.

gameplay glitch
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I got the following message while playing:
BUG: slutty sister forced to leave room. Please report this to Aika with the following information:
Current monster's turn: bulging slutty sister
Player's location: Hotel Rear Entrance
NPC state: not intrested; not asleep

This happened in version 7.0 (Not the hotfix) on the Keriax character window
and on WinGit.

How to recreate: enter in the nintendolls room, kill the strapon slutty sister, fall to the ground due to fatigue(don't know if this is necessary), eat a mushroom to teleport out of the room, exit the hotel map from the door.

I uploaded three files (One before the fight, one just before the bug happens and one after the bug happend)

I hope this is helpful and not a total waste of time! have a great summer, I love this game <3


#1 Updated by Aika X 9 months ago

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Thanks for the report! I think I've worked this out.

#2 Updated by Preferred Cardmember 9 months ago

I can also say that when resetting due to fainting after taking out the strapon sister, sometimes the button room is vacant after the rest.

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