Proiecte MyBBRomania: Bug Tracker (2 comments)

Added by Surdeanu Mihai over 8 years ago

Iată că după mult timp am reuşit să punem la punct sistemul de Proiecte pe care îl vom folosi pentru crearea şi îmbunătăţirea modificărilor şi traducerilor pe care dorim să le creăm sub emblema "MyBBRomânia". Support: Short outage caused by chat feature (14 comments)

Added by Brad Rushworth over 8 years ago

Please accept my apologies for an outage today. It was indirectly caused by the Chat plugin which was continually polling the server for updates. Rather than tune the server for this service, we decided that due to low usage of the JChat plugin, we would just remove it. Sorry for any inconvenience.

ALT Linux WM-Hack: Обновление сборки от 19.03.2011 (11 comments)

Added by Mike Radyuk over 8 years ago

Образ переехал по адресу -
Не забудьте изменить пути в rsync!
Для пользователей Windows(tm) - пишем в батнике теперь так:
"c:\Program Files\cwRsync\bin\rsync" -hvPz --stats --timeout 999999 rsync:// altlinux-5.1-WM-Hack-i586-ru-live-cd.iso
если ставили cwrsync с путем установки по умолчанию.
Изменения : переделан HELP, обновлены пакеты до версий из Autoports/5.1:
gparted-0.8.0 (был 0.4.6)
putty -0.60 (был 0.59)
gftp-2.0.19 (был 2.0.18) Support: Outage occurred yesterday (34 comments)

Added by Brad Rushworth over 8 years ago

Please accept my apologies for the outage that occurred yesterday. Our DNS servers suffered from a latent failure caused by an earlier upgrade. The problem was rectified as soon as possible. We will take steps to reduce the likely-hood of similar failures in future.

I might take the opportunity to inform you that the database is backed up daily and a copy is taken off the server daily for safe keeping. Support: Redmine upgraded to 1.1.0 and new settings (16 comments)

Added by Brad Rushworth over 8 years ago has been upgraded to version 1.1.0 of Redmine:

Some other settings have been changed:

I've added a new role called "Guest" which is the same as "Reporter" but without the repository permissions. This role will never have repository permissions.

I've added a custom field to new Issues called "Sequencing". This allows you to enter a number into the box as an optional field to sort the issues by a planned order.

I've changed the settings so that when the commit message contains one of the commands fixes,closes,fixed it will change the status to "Resolved".


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