News Support: Redmine upgraded to 1.1.0 and new settings (53 comments)

Added by Brad Rushworth over 9 years ago has been upgraded to version 1.1.0 of Redmine:

Some other settings have been changed:

I've added a new role called "Guest" which is the same as "Reporter" but without the repository permissions. This role will never have repository permissions.

I've added a custom field to new Issues called "Sequencing". This allows you to enter a number into the box as an optional field to sort the issues by a planned order.

I've changed the settings so that when the commit message contains one of the commands fixes,closes,fixed it will change the status to "Resolved".

ALT Linux WM-Hack: обновление сборки от 30 ноября

Added by Константин Коган over 9 years ago

Изменения по отношению к сборке от 26 ноября:

1)добавлен хак и пакеты для модемов Huawei_E1550.
2)добавлены плагины для remmina.
3)добавлен lxrandr для изменения разрешения экрана
4)добавлены иконки nuvola , прохакал брендинг и подсунул клубную обоину вместо стандартной при загрузке.
5)добавлена иконка для kppp.

ALT Linux WM-Hack: обновление сборки от 26 ноября (1 comment)

Added by Константин Коган over 9 years ago

1) Починено монтирование флешек tray_eject-ом.
2) Сделана иконка для pcmanfm под пользователем.
3) krusader теперь запускается сразу без окошек первого запуска.
4) Сделана скрепка с игрушками , добавил туда "легкие" игрушки преферанс реверси шахматы цветные линии и махджонг.
5) Огромное количество игрушек из пакета от Юры доступно через контекстное меню.
6) Добавлено немножко встроенного хелп-а .

ALT Linux WM-Hack: Обновился live-cd

Added by Mike Radyuk over 9 years ago

24.11.10 обновился live-cd
Основные изменения:
Исправлен баг Klamav #6781
Добавлены утилиты и иконки на тематические рабочие столы Support: Improved the speed of (41 comments)

Added by Brad Rushworth about 10 years ago

Whilst the old sever was sufficiently fast, we recently migrated to a new VPS host on the West Coast of the USA.

This improves the speed of because:

  • the hardware is significantly faster * the network latency is significantly lower, especially to Australia and Asia * security is increased by using more advanced firewalls and FreeBSD jails

The migration is now complete. If anyone is still having problems, please report an issue in "Hosted Redmine Support". Support: Welcome to Hosted Redmine (61 comments)

Added by Brad Rushworth over 10 years ago

Welcome to BitBot Software's new and free service called Hosted Redmine.

This service will remain free and is currently advertisement supported. We are considering a very low cost additional service which provides you with a full administrative access. Let us know if there is any interest in the community for this service.

We are long-term users of Redmine and are hosting this service as a contribution to the community. This service can be used for commercial purposes. Your data is private and will be kept confidential. This service runs from a Virtual Private Server (VPS) in the United States, and only BitBot Software Pty Ltd (an Australian company) has data access. You may request an SQL backup of your data on this service for a fee of AU$50 (as we have to separate your data from everyone else's). If we are forced to close down the service for any reason, we will provide an SQL backup free of charge, on request.

If you are just looking to experiment with Redmine's features, we recommend you use the official demo instead:

Any inappropriate use (such as spamming) will be monitored and your access may be permanently blocked at our sole discretion. The service is provided "as is", without warranty of any kind, express or implied.


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