Instinox is a steel pipes manufacturer and steel pipes supplier. Pipes are stocked from mills around the world. We are steel pipe distributors in over 13 countries worldwide such as UAE, USA, Australia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Serbia, etc. Steel pipes are available in Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel and Nickel Based Alloys. Each year we manufacture and distribute hundreds of tons of steel pipe. Our steel pipes have an exceptional versatility which makes it the most often used in Oil & Gas, Petrochemical Industry, Research & Development, Pipeline and Refineries, among other industries. Instinox Steel pipes can also be found in a variety of places. Because our steel pipes are not only strong, but also lightweight as well, they make perfect use for automobiles, refrigeration units, heating and plumbing systems and medicine just to name a few. A variety of measures are taken by us to ensure that the finished steel pipe meets your exact specifications and we also comply to any modifications or special requirements that you may have as a customer regarding the pipes. At the end of the process our pipes are also strictly checked for any defects in manufacturing and workmanship and offer 100% product replacement warranty on all pipes sold. Unlike some of the other companies in the industry, we do not indulge in high pricing of our stainless steel pipes due to supplier commission and for your convenience, we have established brand marking and identification on all stainless steel pipes manufactured. Affordable Steel Pipes at Instinox at cheap prices.
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