Arihant fittings is one of the leading manufacturer and suppliers of fine quality & high-pressure industrial ball valves. We have earned technically approved excellence in the production of ball valves in the Industrial Sector. We associate ourselves with renowned standards, which includes ISO 9001, API 600 etc. We are the one of the most deserving ‘ONE STOP DESTINATION HUB’ This makes us capable of serving reliable and customized products with ease to our valuable customers.

We as ball valves suppliers provide detailed knowledge and understanding. Balls are usually made of several metallic materials, beside it, the seats are made up of soft materials like Teflon, Neoprene, & combinations of these given materials. The use of soft seat materials imparts excellent sealing capability. The demerits of soft seat materials (elastomeric material) are, that they are not used in high temperatures processes. For e.g., fluorinated polymer seats can be used sometimes for service temperatures from − 200° (and larger) to 230°C and higher, while graphite seats may be used for temperatures from 0° to 500°C & higher.

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