During this period, I studied the laser pen, what kind of structure was studied, and the danger of the law. Now I can also make my own laser pointer. I produced a powerful laser pointer of 2000mw or 3000mw. I didn't know how to do it before I did it, so I bought it at a store. However, the laser at the store was so bad that it broke when it bought a reasonable price for the laser. I was studied how bad the laser pointer was in this shop. I bought the laser from various websites for security. , however, is considered to be a good laser is actually made by the manufacturer of laser, it does not have famous laser growth or brightness of the price, so do not come from ordinary citizens easy price. The 500MW green laser is priced at $10,000.

The irradiated type continues
Press the switch button again to turn off the laser. Laser focus adjustment function also points to the customer in the residence hall and exhibition of speech and instructions, to power wiring installation line, air conditioning and pipeline wiring pipeline construction, the guides and factory tour is widely used for position measurement device, into the module manufacturing equipment and other construction site of the building and outdoor market.remove the crow even in the Open Day, you can see around 15 meters.Since this powerful laser is a real blue laser pen that is actually output of 5000mW or larger, it can burn in one to two seconds, for example by focusing on white paper. In addition, if the focus is greatly released, the laser point becomes larger and becomes the ultimate directional light.

Green, red and baby blue
Brightness: green > red > blue blue
Price: red < green blue
Hot focus function (ignition) : green < red = baby blue
Stability: green < red = baby blue light is heavily influenced by weather and may be preheated to cold environment
Green laser, small volume, convenient and fashionable high-performance carry, by selling laser pointer tunnel construction and mining, aviation maintenance, is like playing field, seek when misfortune or dangerous rescued at infinityDesign simple fashion style, whether it is the appearance of a shell, high precision of concentricity, structure and tight press fit assembly process, in all of the numerical control lathe is used in the design of from cooling, long light switch waterproof structure of the smoothness of the whole body, and is designed to put the tail switch.

The current law of laser pens in the United States, using powerful laser individual imports, laser pen is allowed. More than 1 metric tons of illegal domestic production of finished laser pens. Therefore, it is illegal to get a 1mw laser pointer because you don't need to be sold to anyone else. Three people have been arrested at yahoo Jaku. If it is an unfinished product, even domestic sales are not illegal. Overseas, the powerful laser pen transaction and use of prosperity, because of its mischievous, some laws are stricter than Japan's. New Zealand is a law that cannot have a low-price laser pointer with more than 1mw. Australia has become a law that cannot have more than 5mw of laser pointer for cats. Japan is still good, but if it is used for mischief, the law will be the same as the two countries. That's the law of Japan, more than a decade ago, because everyone could easily get a powerful laser pointer. The accident caused by accident, the first by bring powerful laser pointer to school, will for the first time the scars of life into his eyes, and shake it up, and the rule of the accident triggered the laser pointer, yes I want to say is, release the laser pointer would lead to blindness website will trigger the accident in the past, in the event of accident happening again in the past, it certainly has 100 mw this is not possible to teach, because the law can't sure can do it.Switch button, convenient in the experiment and research experiment and research, and it is a positive, because it is a continuous laser infrared radiation exposure sustained performance, even if you push through a release your finger.

200mw Red Laser

Use "laser flashlight!" The movie reshapes the DVD laser pickup and USES a laser pointer to introduce the pen. The laser is quite powerful enough to break the balloon. The operation is a dry battery, but it has the strength of weapon level. I think it's dangerous, I don't want you to imitate, or I can't imitate amateurs.The pranks that seem to have beaten the players in baseball these days are now popular. In the past, there was an event that was used to disrupt operations by applying a laser pointer 500mw to a pilot. The plane was on the verge of falling. California has been sentenced to two and a half years. Even a laser pointer can be a disaster, depending on how it is used.

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