Stainless steel is a highly robust material used in many industrial applications. It is widely known for its above average resistance to general corrosive atmospheres. The key properties of the SS 304 are excellent resistance against carbide precipitation and versatility in utility. Stainless Steel 304 Tubes can be used in numerous equipment and sometimes even as a cheaper substitute for expensive super alloys. The standards prescribed for SS 304 processing are ASTM A182, ASME B16. Om Tubes being Stainless Steel 304 Tubes Manufacturers provides you with best quality product.
Stainless steel 304 Tubes are manufactured and exported by Om Tubes. We manufacture custom made tubes. Om tubes understands the importance of properties of the alloy in the applications, hence each of our products are tested and verified against heat, pressure and corrosion. We not only have our personal laboratory tests but international testing authorities, too endorse our products. Om tubes is a breakthrough in the conventional tubing and piping suppliers by our unmatched delivery and online sales service. Buy High Quality Stainless Steel 304 Tubes at Om Tubes as they undergo various tests.
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