Instinox is one of the leading manufactures and exporters of Carbon Steel Pipe Fittings in the country. We pride ourselves on instant delivery in more than 13 countries worldwide and have had a 0% rejection rate of our products in over a decade. Our manufacturing of carbon steel pipe fittings is in compliance with the ASIM, ASME, ANS & DIN standards. Our Instinox Carbon Steel Pipe Fittings are sustainable under the highest of pressures. We enhance your buying experience with premium packaging and packing of our products for sea and air transport. As Carbon Steel Pipe Fittings Stockiest Instinox produces premium grade products. We also have 3rd party inspections over all carbon steel pipe fittings manufactured which ensures 100% product quality. At Instinox 100% of our carbon steel pipe fittings manufactured go through stringent in house checks for defects in quality and workmanship. All of our carbon steel pipe fittings manufactured are also subject to an impeccable surface finish. Fine Quality Carbon Steel Pipe Fittings at Instinox at the best quality available.
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