Faly Bags Co.,Ltd bag manufacturers in china specializing in designing,manufacturing and exporting various bags,including:
backpacks,computer bags,hiking bags,bike bags,trolley bags, school bags,
Sport bags,messenger bags,lunch bags,military bags,travel bags,duffel bags,diaper bags.....
Various bag designs on [[]]
Our business is to provide you satisfied bags by means of ODM & OEM.
Should your products require testing and certification to comply with International standards (Reach; Cro65; EN etc.), we can custom made the material to meet the standard, fully recognized testing companies such as SGS, ITS, BV or your dominated test company.
Main Markets: Europe,America,Austria,Middle East,South America,etc
Efficient Inquiry Reply --- Within 12 Hours
Strictly Quality Control --- IQC, PQC FQC & OQC Guarantee

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