Duplex Supply Inc. is most leading Flange Suppliers in India since 1998. All our products are ISO certified so that there is no mark of Unchecked Quality on our products and our customers feel satisfied and trust worthy in terms of Quality of our products. Buy High Quality Flanges at Duplex Supply which are Highest Selling Product. Metal designed in a way of forged or a cast ring to connect various sections of pipe or connect pipe to a pump, pressure vessel or other flange. Basic types of flange are Alloy flange, Steel flange, duplex flange, carbon flange etc. other types. Flange are joined to each other and joined to piping system by threading or welding. Flange are designed in various pressure rates.

Various Applications of flanges are as follows:

• Plumbing
• Petrochemical refineries
• Oil & Gas
• Submarines
• Research & Development
• Pipeline Transmission
• Pulp & Paper Manufacturing

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