Instinox is a flange manufacturer and flange supplier. These flange are subject to manufacturing processes using equipment and machinery used by world class mills. Flanges are made in carbon steel, stainless steel and nickel alloys based on customer requirement. Instinox adds a plethora of accessories such as fasteners and gaskets along with the flanges. Thus provides the customer with a one stop solution. Flange suppliers are marked with standard format of i-FIT-Size-Material-Heat Number. This heat number is 100% traceable to our records and we maintain very strict watch to ensure the authenticity of our brand isn’t duplicated by other brands. Being a Flanges Distributors we provide you with best quality product.
We have world class machinery for flanges manufacturers. We have CNC, Lathe Machines as well as punch dyes required for manufacturing of flanges. The forgings are outsourced. We have in house testing facilities like spectra machine, PMI Machine, Mechanical test, Hardness Test, Ultrasonic Testing, Hydrostatic Testing, Pressure testing, and manual inspection of gauge. Buy Flanges at Instinox with best quality product materials. Our production range also includes pipe fittings and fasteners which are considered piping accessories for a pipeline set up.
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