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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category
685641TaskNewNormalmove force flags/signals/logic in separate class2017-07-24 03:33 PM
663045BugNewLowStatic linkage against HDF52017-05-23 11:09 PM
663044BugIn ProgressHighCMake 3.7 does not detect HDF52017-07-04 01:53 PM
663043BugIn ProgressLowCMake + Ninja: warning about Policy CMP00582017-07-04 01:48 PM
626880BugNewNormalHALMD does not start with a huge number of particlesDaniel Kirchner2017-01-09 02:50 PM
605674FeatureNewLowOptimization: asynchronous kernel launches and copiesDaniel Kirchner2016-11-02 05:24 PM
605672FeatureNewLowOptimization: Avoid GPU-Host copies utilizing Unified MemoryDaniel Kirchner2016-11-02 05:14 PM
445697BugNewNormalComputing density modes for low density on GPU2015-06-16 09:18 AM
403569FeatureNewLowsupport of Lua 5.32015-03-04 02:27 AM
364235FeatureNewNormalstatic linkage: HALMD_USE_STATIC_LIBS and CMAKE_EXE_LINKER_FLAGS2014-12-13 02:00 AM
362692FeatureNewLowwish list of integrators2014-11-18 03:40 AM
362689FeatureNewLowwishlist of pair potentials2014-11-18 12:48 AM
315761BugResolvedNormalCUDA_DEVICE variable is ignored2014-10-02 10:49 PM
313922FeatureNewNormalObservables in anisotropic situations2014-06-30 10:34 PM
282179FeatureNewNormalsampler: support custom iterator for on_sample()2014-03-20 02:03 AM
281803TaskNewNormalrevise H5MD readers/writers2014-10-02 10:53 PM
281799TaskNewNormalstable API of Lua library2017-06-13 12:38 PM
281387FeatureNewNormalStore current system state upon program termination2014-03-18 03:52 AM
280669FeatureNewNormalUnit tests for neighbour lists2014-03-15 06:33 AM
280541TaskNewNormalmulti-dimensional CUDA arrays2014-03-14 11:37 PM
271484TaskNewNormalUse luabind, instead of luaponte2014-10-02 08:56 PM
270434BugNewNormaldynamics::blocking_scheme with prime sampling interval2014-04-03 01:00 AM
239251TaskNewNormalCall core:prepare() from the integrator2014-10-02 10:59 PM
198811FeatureNewNormalDocumentation of installation2014-10-02 10:57 PM
198298FeatureNewNormaldocumentation of underlying concepts2014-01-24 04:17 AM
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