Instinox is pledged to instant delivery of our Hastelloy fasteners and also have same day shipping of all goods. This is made possible because we have the largest stock in the country of finished as well as unfinished goods. We are distributors of Hastelloy fasteners in over 13 countries worldwide such as UAE, USA, Australia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Serbia etc. We offer 100% product replacement warranty on all Hastelloy fasteners sold along with that we also provide superior after sales service on all our fasteners. Our Hastelloy fasteners are supplied are packed in special and branded carton boxes and crate boxes depending on the mode of transport.
Our competitive pricing on Hastelloy fasteners makes us one of the most economical distributors in the industry. For your convenience, we have established brand marking and identification on all Hastelloy fasteners manufactured. We also have a heat number traceability on all Hastelloy fasteners which makes sure that it can be traced back to the mill at which it was procured. Our focal objective at Instinox is to ensure that as a customer you receive a tailor made world class buying experience.
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