Redmine Delete Project Plugin download URL (57 comments)

Added by Brad Rushworth over 6 years ago

The original URL that hosted the Redmine Delete Project plugin (redmine_delete_project) has disappeared so I have decided to provide a copy here:

I hope this helps somebody out there because it is a very handy plugin.

Delete Project plugin

    Delete project is a plugin which adds an ACL to allow non-admin users to delete their own projects.
        Author: Anthony Paul
        Latest release: 0.0.4
        Compatible with: Redmine 0.9.3 - 1.4 (perhaps 2.x)
        Public SCM: n/a
        Public ITS: n/a

Deletion of unused/inactive projects (33 comments)

Added by Brad Rushworth about 7 years ago

Valued users,

Please be advised that I intend to delete those projects hosted on that show no activity for the previous 12 months. Inactive projects are most likely abandoned and therefore wasting disk space and CPU time unnecessarily.

I will commence deleting inactive projects after a period of two weeks from today. If you have valuable information in a project that has not been updated in 12 months, please perform an activity which causes your Activity stream to be updated. This includes addition or changes to issues, forum posts, wiki, news, etc.

Alternatively, you may export your data if you don't need our services any longer.

Inactive user accounts will not be deleted at this stage.

BitBot Software

Server speed improvements (22 comments)

Added by Brad Rushworth about 7 years ago

Hi all,

We have had some performance issues over the last week due to a huge number of search engine spiders swamping the website with obscure requests for complex pages. In response, we have revamped our robots.txt file, installed the Bots Filter plugin and added hardware capacity to our server. As a result, is now lightning fast once again!

We still want popular search engines to crawl including your public projects, however we believe we have configured a more sensible solution for managing spiders.

If you have any problems, please let us know.


Issue Checklist plugin and Wiki Notes plugin (21 comments)

Added by Brad Rushworth about 7 years ago

The Redmine Issue Checklist plugin has been installed. It allows you to create a list of items (like a to-do list) for each of your issues. This handy feature allows you to check off the items as they are completed. When all of your items are complete, you know you can close the issue.

The Wiki Notes plugin has also been installed. It allows you to add pretty messages for note, tip, important and warning messages:

{{tip(This is a tip message from the Wiki Notes Plugin.)}}

For more information, see the Wiki_Notes_Plugin page.

Redmine upgraded to version 1.4 (28 comments)

Added by Brad Rushworth over 7 years ago was updated today to version 1.4. The changelog can be found here. Remember that you can always check the current version of Redmine and Plugins on the wiki page.

Apologies for the short disturbance while this upgrade was conducted.

Unfortunately the Redmine Delete Project plugin was disabled due to an incompatibility with Redmine v1.4. We will try to rectify this as soon as possible. In the interim, please raise a New Issue for all project deletion requests.

New SSL Certificate and updated Redmine (57 comments)

Added by Brad Rushworth over 7 years ago

Hi users,

The old SSL secure certificate expired, so a new one has been installed to cover the next three years. For those users that are not aware, offers secure encrypted access to the website via Apart from being potentially more private and secure, it also has the benefit of displaying zero advertisements!

I have also upgraded Redmine to Redmine 1.3.2.stable.9381 (MySQL). You can always check on the Plugins page.

The current hardware configuration appears to be coping well with the increased user load, however if you experience performance problems, please let me know.

Brad Rushworth

Faster (37 comments)

Added by Brad Rushworth over 7 years ago

Hi all,

The website is rapidly becoming more popular. We now have thousands of regular users.

This was causing too much strain on the server. You may have noticed occasional failures when trying to access the service at peak times. As a result, we have now purchased extra processing capacity. It seems already to be making a big difference to the speed of the website.

I encourage all users to please provide feedback to me about and how we can make it better for you.


Brad Rushworth

Apologies for the outage and updated Redmine version (19 comments)

Added by Brad Rushworth over 7 years ago

Please accept my apologies for the outage this morning. The website was down for a few hours due to a malicious user and a shortage of disk space. I have now added an extra 20GB of disk space to resolve this issue and prevent it from occurring again. I appreciate the emails from users when the website experiences difficulties. This allows me to resolve the problems immediately.

I have updated to Redmine 1.3.0.stable.8759. The latest version of the plugins can be found at Plugins.

Updates and new plugins! (23 comments)

Added by Brad Rushworth over 7 years ago

I have updated to Redmine 1.3 stable with updated versions of plugins.

The currently installed Redmine version and plugins can be seen on the Plugins page.

The following plugins were installed today:


Also available in: Atom