Shenzhen Imilink Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional network communications equipment supplier, which focuses on reliable, high performance and innovative wireless data terminal solutions. Dedicated to use the most convenient way to connect the Internet to every corner of the world.

Imilink 4G router products include a variety of network types and frequency band, platform stable and mature, comprehensive performance in the industry front-end, product shape is rich, contain common portable mifi, multi-function mifi, UFI, CarFi. Each router has a download speed of 150Mbps, and the upload speed is 50Mbps, which is 10 to 30 times faster than 3G. It is also the second kill enterprise and the family fiber broadband. Support a variety of mobile phones, laptops, tablets etc. 10 WiFi devices simultaneously use the Internet. The products used are strictly in accordance with iso9001:2008 quality control and complete after-sales technical support system.

Imilink 4G product line includes 4G wireless data card, 4G Wireless Router, and so on. The 4G wireless data card has IM920, IM182, 4G wireless router has IM821,IM823,IM825,LR112,LR513,and so on.

IM920, IM921 series 4G wireless data card, the feature is appearance artful, easy to carry, wifi version use USB power supply, plug in power supply USB then wifi can launch, including computer USB, charging treasure, car charger, charge head and so on.

LR112 series belongs to the most fashionable 4G wireless router, small size, the dimension is: L:96mm W:59mm H:14mm, weight is 105g, easy to carry, commonly known as the WiFi on the pocket.Built-in Micro SD card slot, Maximum support for 32gb memory card extension storage, access to LR112 devices can be Shared SD card storage by WiFi, easy to share files from SD card.LR112 series with a 1.44 inch intelligent color screen, all the information at a glance, you can always check your current use of traffic, signal strength, electric quantity´╝înetwork status, using time, SMS notification as well as the number of users in order to prevent the people network. And still have smart power-saving technology, effectively reducing power consumption by 30%, reduce loss of power, effectively improve the endurance and safety of the equipment at the same time, don't worry about any heat caused an explosion.

LR513 series belongs to the most fully functional 4G wireless router , the dimension is: L:99mm W:59mm H:23mm, weight is 168g, supports dual SIM card function, has 5200mAh large capacity battery, the endurance of equipment up to 20 hours, support power bank function. Support RJ45 interface, Wired Network can be Shared directly through wifi.LR513 series with a 1.44 inch intelligent color screen´╝îreal-time display device working status, such as signal strength, traffic statistics, electric quantity, etc., using state be clear at a glance.

Imilink as the sailing in the field of network communications equipment, always adhere to the research and development, production, sale all in one to undertake global OEM business, willing to work with industry partners together, with highly responsible attitude to customers, with cutting-edge scientific research technology, excellent product quality and dedicated service system, to build a trustworthy network for the world.

IMLINK dongle and mifi product detail:

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