Om tubes is an eminent manufacturer and global exporter of Inconel 825 sheets worldwide. We have products like Sheets, flanges, pipes, tubes, pipe and tube fittings and more in all industry grade alloys like Monel, Inconel, stainless Steel and more. Our products are demanded in more than 20 countries and we even deliver large shipments in a promised time frame. Our quality and packaging is unmatched as experts from the field assess our products regularly. Our own research and development team along with standard laboratories test and verify our product quality and finishing. Being an Inconel 825 Sheets Manufacturers we provide you with best quality product.
Om tubes specializes in processing Inconel 825 for production of Sheets. We produce high quality Sheets which retain all the properties of the alloy and extremely durable.
Sheets are flat surfaced metal which can be used as layers in different appliances.
Sheets can be made of lot of metals and alloys like steel, copper and alloys like Monel or Inconel. What’s unique about Inconel 825 Sheets is its fabulous resistance to chloride ions and oxidation. There are various types of Sheets made of Inconel 825 which are, welded, seamless and fabricated.
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