4 Minnesota State Police Abhisit Vejjajiva has suffered from assaults from physical and mental assault of people around the world.

The police announcer stated that these 4 officers were "former police" and used them for the first search by pressing the knee over the neck. Floyd sang the farmer's teacher that "Suffocate" before he died later

Video footage shot by eyewitnesses and published in online communities has sparked widespread criticism of police actions until the hashtag was released. #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd

The hashtag is still re-installed. 1 Trends Twitter in Thailand at one point, internet users in Thailand joined in posting critique of police use and skin bashing and hashing. Such tag In the afternoon of May 28, Thai time had 1.23 million retweets.

Twitter user name @CRIMSONPRINT Posted on Twitter with more than 4.5 thousand shares shared, writing that "No human being is faced with this kind of cruelty. But when you are a black person in America Like a second-class citizen whose life is always less valuable "

Charitable donors

#BlackLivesMatter Feelings of the well-being of people in America

Twitter users @rosewoodtele Posted a list of black people who died from police fraud

What did the police, George Floyd?
The incident occurred in Minnie Apple on Monday evening, with police being told that a customer tried to use 20 counterfeit banknotes in a store.

A police statement stated that the authorities had followed up to find that the suspect suspected that he was in "Intoxicated condition and sitting on a blue car"

Then the police ordered him to get out of the car. But he resisted until the police had to detain and wear the keys. But during the attack, it was found that the said person had more abnormal symptoms.

But the sight of the incident was recorded as a 10 minute video showing that Floyd Belle beggars and with the feeling that "I suffocate" and "Don't kill me" many times to the white police officers who use His knees pressed against Floyd's neck into the ground.

Many people who witnessed the incident tried to speak to officials saying that they had to lift their knees from the neck of Mr Floyd, who was still in motion.

One eyewitness described that "There was blood coming out of him." Another told the police. "Lift the knee off his neck"

Floyd remained in the center before the medical staff took him to an ambulance and died later. Police revealed that what Floyd had died from "Doctors, Nurses" and "Traveling with the Police"

Are the police stationed on the use of weapons during the arrests that occurred in one of the cameras attached to the body that was handed over to the Minnesota Department of State (BCA)?

While the central office or whether it's about price reductions that occur as well

Floyd is a 46-year-old taxpayer and has previously worked in security for a restaurant.

Arrested, murdered ... anguish at return
Face images showing the sexual violence that occurred in late 2014 that occurred with similar critiques of the incident.

After the death of Mr Garner said that "I didn't come out." The next attack will be used to combat terrorism.

43-year-old Garner "I didn't come out" 11 times after the police came to help themselves illegally and illegally. "I am not lost" died after the police locked his neck.

Doctors confirmed that locking corps helped the government officials involved in the deaths receive help from the authorities for another 5 years, but now there are no police officers. <a href="" target="_blank">imiwin</a> Whoever was charged

Born as a black person = the death penalty?
Jamaica is pleased to announce that 4 policemen involved in the fatal incident have been discharged from the government, with a Twitter post saying "this is the right measure."

Mr Frey commented that the cash collection situation

"I believe in what I see and what I see clearly," Frey said during the announcement to the media.

"Being a black person in America shouldn't be labeled a death sentence."

What happened to Floyd is not the first time police have used violence against people in recent incidents, including police incidents in the state. Examined until death

The AP news agency reports that the Minnie Apple City Police has jurisdiction. The 'use of force' of police officers to press the head down the neck of the suspect.

An FBI spokesman in Minneapolis said that The FBI's investigation direction will focus on investigating whether Are the relevant police officers intentionally "violating the rights of people under the United States Constitution or the law"?

When the investigation is finished The FBI will forward the investigation to the Minnesota Attorney General's office. To proceed with litigation

Protesting for justice
On tuesday ago Many people protested in front of the police station in Minneapolis.

The eruption was a serious incident. Until the police have to decide to use tear gas to disperse the rally Local reporters tweet that Protesters smashed glass And spray on patrol cars Not only Police also use rubber bullets to shoot at protestors.

Minnesota-based Democrat Amy Colebuchar issued a statement calling for an in-depth investigation.

"This man and his family must be fair. Our community must be fair. Our country must be fair. "

American media reported that Colebuch was one of the favorite Democrat candidate candidates, alongside Joe Biden.

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