Commercial laser pointer is most commonly designed to assist speakers when giving lectures or business presentations. A high-tech alternative to the retractable, metal pointer, the laser pointer beam will produce a small dot of light on whatever object at which it is aimed.All lasers and their use is regulated by OSHA and St. Lawrence University has a compliant Laser Safety Program that is administered under the Radiation Safety Program.

The Laser Institute of America feels that further regulation of burning laser blue should now be considered. One viable option is to further limit the power that laser pointers can emit.In the United States, it is a felony to knowingly point the beam of a laser at an aircraft, and convicted offenders can expect to receive jail time. Since 2005, the FBI has worked with the FAA to track laser strikes, offering rewards of up to $10,000 for information leading to the arrest of anyone who intentionally aims a laser at an aircraft.

Note that these are often referred to as 100mw green laser , but they always have to be less. From everything I've read, there is a lot of variation in how much under 5mW the lasers are.It also came in a very nice wooden box, and a pair of batteries. For my order, they were also giving away a free red laser pointer with it. I don't much care about this, but the free red laser pointer was packed into a second plastic foam case, which was much too big for the red laser pointer, but perfect for the green one.
During the game, quarterback Kyle Orton and holder Colton Schmidt complained to officials that someone had shined a laser pointer in their faces.The laser pointer was also used on Schmidt on a 50-yard field goal attempt by Dan Carpenter in the third quarter.This answer comes from Douglas A. Johnson, a senior health physicist and laser safety officer for Texas A&M University. He is also adjunct lecturer in the nuclear engineering department. Doug is a member of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for laser safety standards.
Laser-Gard Eyewear significantly reduces the threat posed by powerful green and Red Laser and laser pointers, while simultaneously providing the UV and glare protection offered by high quality sunglasses.
This case report was performed to display the visually significant damage to the retina that can occur with brief exposure to a handheld laser pointer. Laser use in the military is ever increasing in form of target designators, rangefinders, or radar warning systems with powers far greater than used in this case.

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