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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category
699270BugNewHighairlock opening only sucks air from first floor2017-09-25 06:25 AMBug
659522BugNewLowPossible to extend rooms beyond the intended boundaries2017-05-11 10:12 PM
659507BugResolvedNormalPossible to delete airlock in editor2017-05-16 09:09 PM
617444BugResolvedNormalStory logs pop up after each deathKern Ball2016-12-02 05:42 AMBug
583208BugNewNormalFramedrop using Single Corridor Wall Standing unconnected (ship layout)2016-08-21 02:31 AM
528629BugNewNormalAirlock door bugKern Ball2016-03-08 03:32 AMBug
512770BugNewLowText issuesBrendan Anthony2016-01-24 08:48 PMImprovement
511060BugNewHighEntering atmosphere backwards doesn't damage ship2016-01-19 07:31 AMBug
431577BugNewLowAttempting to load a new ship layout during reentry crashes RodinaAndrew Maxwell2015-05-10 04:51 PMBug
419826BugNewLow When using first person, object at cache marker only appears after exiting pilot seat2015-04-12 10:25 AMBug
419825BugNewNormalLanded ship moves upward after walking away from it2015-04-12 10:03 AMBug
400322BugNewNormalCan not use S or A keys2015-02-23 08:25 AM
398842BugNewNormalSome way to anchor the ship to terrain2015-02-18 07:25 AMImprovement
398462BugResolvedNormalF12 should not be used for anything2015-02-18 01:54 PMImprovement
398461BugNewLowShip light should stay on when exiting the ship2015-02-17 11:32 AMBug
398460BugNewLowJetpack should recharge when piloting the ship2015-02-17 11:30 AMBug
398459BugNewNormalJetpack should be disabled when inside the ship2015-02-17 11:29 AMImprovement
382403BugNewLowAble to get stuck in ship bathroom with jetpack2015-01-12 11:07 AMBug
374139BugNewNormalDocument typoBrendan Anthony2014-12-15 09:18 AM
349977BugNewNormalEntities not functioning correctly V 1.1.3 SteamBrendan Anthony2014-10-20 06:16 AMBug
345264BugNewNormalDoors leading to nowhere in interior editor2014-10-07 09:07 AM
340116BugNewNormalFIXED FORMAT full Rodina datastick English error reportJohn Smith2014-09-22 08:48 AMBug
340075BugNewNormalfull Rodina datastick English errors reportJohn Smith2014-09-22 08:51 AMBug
330853BugNewNormalMain Menu and in-game interfaces don't scale up properly when playing in smaller resolutions.Marcin Trybus2014-08-25 02:47 AMBug
330698BugNewNormalNot able to return to main menu after loading the save-file. Marcin Trybus2014-08-24 09:40 AMImprovement
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