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Betting is now easier then ever. You have lots of bookmakers to choose from both land based or online. These bookmakers offer various types of bets so it’s good to know exactly what features every type of bet has.

Simple bets represent the easiest way to make a bet. You just choose a sport event and try to guess its outcome. If you prove to be right you win. It’s simple and easy so is suited for beginners.

Special bets refer to events or special situations that will occur in the game. These bets differ according to the sport. For example in soccer you can bet on the first goal scorer or the first team to score.

A combined bet is composed form several simple bets. You choose some simple bets and you combine them into one. The final quota is the result of multiplication the individual quotes of bets. By multiplicating the quotes, combined bet can bring you much more money so this kind of bet is more attractive then others. In the same time in order to win you need to get all the results right so it could be harder to win.

Another bet with a payout larger than simple bet is an exact result bet. If you wager on the exact result of the game in the normal timing your chances to guess are lower than the simple bet so the odds are higher. The result after extra time doesn’t count in this kind of bet.

Long term bets refer to sport events that are scheduled to take place over few weeks or months. Usually these bets are made at the beginning of the season or competition and refer to the team or player that will win the first place.

System bets combine several bets but unlike the combined bet you don’t need to get all the results right to win. If you have guessed only one or two bets you still win some money. System bets are safer than combined ones but winnings are not that high.

1x2 bet is the usual soccer bet. 1x2 represents the three possible situations at the end of the match: home team wins (1), draw (x) or visitor team wins (2). In most situations this bet is used for combined betting like wagering on several or all matches of a championship round.

Handicap bets are made applying fictive advantage or disadvantage to a team or player depending on the sport. For example on soccer you can bet on a home team that will win in a -1 disadvantage situation. This means that the game starts from the score (-1)-0 and to win the home team needs to score 2 goals more than visitor team. The attractive part of this bet is the bigger odds.

These are just few of the various types of bets available at bookmakers like As you get more experience you will find and probably try more types of bets deciding wich fits you better. So good luck!


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