HALO Insertion Spec Ops - Retrieve Intel Briefcase

Added by Alexander Timmermans over 2 years ago

Pitch: BRITFor is HALO inserted above target area. Aim of the mission is stealth. Team needs to find Intel Item and exfiltrate back to home base to deliver it there.

  • Can be Night or Day, but for obvious reasons night time will be easier to not get spotted.
  • When BRITFor is spotted, the mission does not end but gets increasingly more difficult for the following reasons:
  • * All troops are set to danger and aware.
  • * Former stationary vehicles begin patrolling.
  • * Reinforcements inbound that contain an unmanageable amount of troops.
Failure States:
Have 2 in mind.
  • First one is have a countdown when they get spotted. If Intel is net retrieved before countdown timer, it is destroyed and the mission is over.
  • Second one is have the mission end when all team members are dead.
  • * This could be a fun change from main target gameplay.
  • * * Disable respawn temporarily until mission is lost or successful (Tense moments)
  • * * Don't disable respawn, but make it so as soon as one team member dies its mission over.
Fluff Ideas:
  • Enemies on Safe mode (not yet detected) use flashlights on weapons.
  • When detected, have a helicopter with searchlight patrol the area
  • Make entire team start at the same time by making them gather at homebase and use flag to start the C130 HALO? Is entire team instantly spawned in air?