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Possibility to force tileset with different topology (like v2.5)

Added by David Fernandez (bard) about 1 year ago. Updated 10 months ago.

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Since v2.6, it does no longer seem possible to select in the gtk client a tileset with different topology than the loaded map.

My civ2civ3_earth modpack uses a world map with overhead (non isometric) topology and includes a tileset civ2civ3_earth with isometric view. Both are perfectly compatible (in v2.5) and looks the same than world maps in civ3.

Actually, a world map with isometric topology, loaded with an isometric tileset, looks odd to me, because you lose part of the 3d effect. I see no reason to forbid the player to choose if he wants an isometric tileset or not, no matter how the map was made, because there is no real incompatibility in game.

I have found a workaround by editing the client options file manually (to force the desired tileset). But even then, the client keeps sending error pop-ups every time you load a game, every time you start the game, and every time you change to edit mode, what makes it too annoying to be used.

I have tagged it as a feature request, but it feels actually a bug to me that makes no longer playable my modpack.

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#2 Updated by Jacob Nevins 10 months ago

I think it is possible with the '--tiles' client option. This enters a special mode where the specified tileset is used regardless of server topology. You do get bothered by "tileset and topology are incompatible" warnings, though, and it's not very discoverable or convenient.

For your specific situation, where you have a tileset for your modpack, you could make your ruleset set 'preferred_tileset'? That's probably a good idea anyway, and if it doesn't suppress "tileset and topology are incompatible" warnings, it probably should be made to.
(This doesn't help the situation of a ruleset author who doesn't have a specific tileset, nor a scenario author who wants to force a client topology.)

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(See also bug #685235.)

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  • Related to Bug #685235: 2.6 tileset selection is still a bit incoherent added

#5 Updated by David Fernandez (bard) 10 months ago

you could make your ruleset set 'preferred_tileset'?

You are right, thanks. It seems to work. It does not suppress the warnings, but it might be good enough.

What I have done is to place this code at the end of game.ruleset:

This is what you ment by set preferred_tileset, doesn't it?
Now when I start a new game with my ruleset, it automatically loads my tileset (at least gtk client). And when I load my non-iso earth scenario (set to use my ruleset), it sends a warning of uncompatible topology, but it ends loading my iso tileset properly.

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