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Building gfx for Ecclesiastical Palace (civ2civ3 ruleset)

Added by Marko Lindqvist about 1 year ago. Updated 9 months ago.

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ecclesiastical_palace.png (5.82 KB) ecclesiastical_palace.png David Fernandez (bard), 2017-05-04 12:45 PM
ecclesiastical_palace.png (6.84 KB) ecclesiastical_palace.png 64x48 for data/wonders frank e, 2017-08-23 12:39 PM
Potala_36x20.png (1.89 KB) Potala_36x20.png 36x20 for buildings.png frank e, 2017-08-23 12:46 PM
m-30-26-ecclesiastical-palace-gfx.patch (2.99 KB) m-30-26-ecclesiastical-palace-gfx.patch spec/Makefiles (all branches) Jacob Nevins, 2017-09-10 03:49 PM
buildings.png (126 KB) buildings.png data/misc/buildings.png (all branches) Jacob Nevins, 2017-09-10 03:49 PM


#1 Updated by David Fernandez (bard) about 1 year ago

I made this version that looks like a normal building, instead of a wonder:

#2 Updated by Jacob Nevins 12 months ago

(This was previously gna patch #7187)

David, I guess your work is a derivative of one of these? (The licence for either looks OK.)

I have found these public domain images of the Potala palace that I think could be used for the gfx of this building:

#3 Updated by David Fernandez (bard) 12 months ago

Yes, it's derivative of the first one, by SONORAMA (Public domain):

#4 Updated by frank e 10 months ago

Exactly one year ago I tried to add the missing border to the ecclesial palace (64x48). "Missing" as in "everything else in data/wonders has a border". Just in case attached here, if it's not yet done. I've also created a 36x20 version suited for the small wonders on buildings.png, just in case also attached. I never got around to actually insert it in buildings.png and add it in buildings.spec, if that's not yet done holler, I could do it.

The workflow was something like "convert PD Jpeg to PNG", "crop 239x149 PNG to 216x120 and 200x150", "scale 216x120 down to 36x20 with image worsener" (216=6*36, 120=6*20), "scale 200x150 down to 64x48 with image worsener" (200=3.125*64, 150=3.125*48), and "replace border pixels" for the usual "big wonder" border.

#5 Updated by Jacob Nevins 9 months ago

I did look around to see if I could find a Blender or other 3D model of the Potala palace, but didn't find anything free.

Since the only ruleset that uses this currently uses it as a small wonder like Palace (which is styled like a building, not a great wonder), I haven't included a wonder-flavoured graphic.

Commit procedure:
  • Apply attached diff
  • Copy David's ecclesiastical_palace.png to data/buildings/ecclesiastical_palace.png
  • Copy my buildings.png data/misc/buildings.png (this incorporates frank's Potala_36x20.png)
  • Copy to new directory: data/graphics/buildings/Tibet_Potala_Palace.JPG

#6 Updated by Jacob Nevins 9 months ago

(I did also look over the files that were formerly attached to gna patch #7187 when deciding which ones to take.)

#7 Updated by Jacob Nevins 9 months ago

  • Status changed from Resolved to Closed

#8 Updated by frank e 9 months ago

PNG on the wiki ready for civ2civ3 freeciv_manual tests (the alpha test was for alien).

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