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civ2civ3: review government help

Added by Marko Lindqvist about 1 year ago. Updated 8 months ago.

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Jacob Nevins <jtn>:

"the set of effects for which autogenerated help is generated will be different from 2.5."

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#1 Updated by David Fernandez (bard) 12 months ago

I've been checking this one. The missing info seems to be:
- Tile penalty for Despotism, Tribal, Anarchy.
- Senate effect for Democracy and Federation.
- Partisans for Democracy and Communism.
- Communism: "Cancels the bonus from Mysticism and Theology (to Temples and Cathedrals)".

I'm testing a pending patch to replace martial law by 1 extra content for Tribal. Else, as pointed by cazfi, the current help description doesn't fit well. I'll link the patch here when ready.

#2 Updated by Marko Lindqvist 9 months ago

David Fernandez (bard) wrote:

I'll link the patch here when ready.

Any progress?

#3 Updated by David Fernandez (bard) 9 months ago

About this ticket, I posted here to list things that have to be taken into account for civ2civ3, but it was not my plan to write the help texts for the missing info. The required texts (Tile penalty, Senate effect, Partisans appearance) would be shared by all rulesets, not only civ2civ3, and I think it is a task for someone with better english.

About my planned patch for Tribal government: After some tests I noticed that AIs liked this extra content so much, that they used to prefer Tribal over Monarchy, even with the penalty to tile output.
In my latest autogames, I have been testing a fix by using "ai_better" in government file (by setting Republic better than Tribal, and Monarchy better than Despotism), and it seems to be an improvement, but I'm still not sure if ready for 2.6 (I'd need some more autogames).

I noticed that AI also likes too much my latest change to Federation, that grants +3 extra luxury per city (was +2, but I increased it to compensate the new 2nd Palace that reduces the advantages of no corruption by distance). In this case, AI might be right, so I have been testing +2 in my latest games, and I would like to include this fix in 2.6 too.

I also noticed that anarchy bypasses the waste of food by distance, but it was not intended, and it is not documented.

I was planning to open a new ticket with those changes (I'll do it this weekend), but I was also waiting to see if my previous pack of patches was applied successfully.

#4 Updated by Jacob Nevins 9 months ago

I do intend to review help texts as usual and governments are definitely on my list, but I don't expect to get to it before beta1.

#5 Updated by David Fernandez (bard) 8 months ago

  • Related to Feature #696065: civ2civ3: Tribal +1 content, Federation +2 luxury added

#6 Updated by David Fernandez (bard) 8 months ago

Jacob Nevins wrote:

I do intend to review help texts as usual and governments are definitely on my list, but I don't expect to get to it before beta1.

I appreciate that you always revise the helptexts of civ2civ3. When it is a rule that I designed, I try to write the helptext myself the best I can, so all the relevant info is included, even if it requires some later corrections by you. But when the rule is a default one like this one, I guess it is not very useful that I try to explain it in english, when you are going to rewrite it anyway, that is what I meant.

but I don't expect to get to it before beta1.

OK. I'm trying to test how the AI plays this ruleset by watching some autogames, and my latest patches before each release use to be to governments because I like to adjust them, if needed, until I see the AI can use them all. But I'd not like to introduce changes to helptexts once you have started to revise them.

#7 Updated by Marko Lindqvist 8 months ago

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