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Multiplayer ruleset: Darwin's Voyage is overpowered?

Added by Jacob Nevins 9 months ago. Updated 2 months ago.

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In bug #692096, mir3x writes: "darwin is game breaker, few nations can research stealth very fast after railroad. Either it should be great wonder or it should just give one time extra 1000 bulbs."


#1 Updated by Jacob Nevins 9 months ago

If we're going to do anything about it for 2.6, we ought to do it before beta1.

I don't know if it was considered OP when book was active ("rewonder" ruleset). Multiplayer Darwin spent a large fraction of its life not behaving as intended (e.g. before gna bug #24098 it gave 4 techs, not 2).

#2 Updated by ᳇ Ϻ⚸Яℨ⚔ ᳇ 9 months ago

To be clear - fast reminder:
1) Book is dead.
2) Book was fat :D
3) Book created that ruleset to play in small games like 4-6 players.
4) It was used in but afair philosphy bonus and darwin were removed
5) Even 5 good allied player with current settings could get railroad about turn 30-35 using philosphy boost and then eg flight around turn 50. 15 newbie well coordinated players could start building spaceship easily around t70. If u play such game against such allianze then u can only say: fsck that buggy multiplayer sh*t and delete game.

Philosphy bonus should be left only for 1 player in whole game. Darwin too or it could be changed: eg to give +20 city center science ( considering game ends 70 turns after building Darwin, player would get 70 bulbs per turn with lib and university = 4900 bulbs, with Isaac and Copernicus boost it would 110 bulbs per turn = 7700, in both cases its even much more than 2 techs after rail, so maybe 10 or 15 city center science bonus could be enough)

#3 Updated by Marko Lindqvist 9 months ago

Jacob Nevins wrote:

If we're going to do anything about it for 2.6, we ought to do it before beta1.

This has currently beta1 set as target version, but task to release beta1 is not set to be blocked by this, i.e., this is not considered beta1 blocker. Is that correct?

#4 Updated by Marko Lindqvist 9 months ago

Attached patch makes Darwin's Voyage to give only one tech.

#5 Updated by Marko Lindqvist 9 months ago

Patch pushed. Ticket left open for now to wait comments if this was enough, or is giving techs from Darwin fundamentally broken concept.

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