Bug #693380

Ship-to-ship cargo transfer inconsistent in request_transport() aware clients

Added by Jacob Nevins 3 months ago.

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In the attached savegame, with S2_6, if I move [l tgt="unit" id=199 name="Transport" /] loaded with Spies out to sea next to other transports, I see the following behaviour:
  • In Gtk3:
    • Attempting to move a Spy onto another transport with arrow keys doesn't work.
      • If the destination tile has more than one transport, I get prompted to choose one of them, but then nothing happens.
      • If the destination tile only has one transport, nothing happens.
    • Moving a Spy onto another transport with [G]oto works (but doesn't prompt me to choose a transport).
  • Qt is similar.
  • In Gtk2 (which is blissfully unaware of transport choice), any of these actions does end up with a Spy on the destination transport (of course I've no choice of which).

However, moving a Spy from shore to ship with arrow keys does work in all clients (prompting or no).

I can't remember whether we ever intended to prevent ship-to-ship transfers; right now they are clearly possible.

(For the record: I can't see a way to move units between transports on the same tile; checking back, we never got around to that; any further discussion/work on that should go in a new ticket resurrecting gna patch #4805 .)

26_multiload.sav.bz2 (165 KB) 26_multiload.sav.bz2 S2_6 example savegame Jacob Nevins, 2017-08-27 12:38 PM

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