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Europe 1901: city name typos

Added by Jacob Nevins 2 months ago. Updated about 2 months ago.

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Noticed in passing some typo'd city names in the Europe 1901 scenario. (I think these are just typos, rather than valid alternate spellings / orthography.)

There are probably more, these are just ones I happen to recognise.
  • Canterburry -> Canterbury
  • Edingburgh -> Edinburgh
  • Northhampton and Leicester -> Northampton ...
  • Avigon -> Avignon
  • covilha -> Covilha or Covilhã (initial letter lowercase)
  • Valladoid -> Valladolid, probably

(I think there's also plenty of scope for adding diacritics, but I'm not going to attempt that.)

If updated in git, could also push a fixed version to for 2.5.


#1 Updated by Ferdinand Steinkrüger 2 months ago

The version "Europe 1901" is outdated. I updated the whole scenario signifacantly in the summer of 2016.

Here you can find the list of changes:

Your changes are legitimate but should be included in the newer version.

All my scenarios can be found here:

Although I regulary update the page I sometimes retain a newer version because we might play it at longturn and I dont want the changes to be public for gaming reasons but you can always ask me for the newest version.

I mentioned the wrong version in this ticket: [[]]

#2 Updated by Marko Lindqvist about 2 months ago

Taemmerfors -> Tammerfors, if you want to keep using its Swedish name, otherwise Tampere

#3 Updated by Ferdinand Steinkrüger about 2 months ago

I united Sweden and Norway in "Europe 1900 WWI" because in 1900 they were formally united so I think its ok, but actually I don't care. Change it if you like.

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