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Feature #702265

Feature #688280: Earth 160x90 updated with 89 starting positions.

Feature #688799: Earth 160x90 scenario updated with 89 starting positions for Versions 2.5.3 and 3.0

Improvements to the Large Earth

Added by Rhue of L almost 5 years ago. Updated almost 5 years ago.

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I've noticed Hungary and Panama are both misspelled and not working. I've also been thinking about enabling by default the setting which makes players start with their first city settled. That would allow me to add the civs I left out because they would have started too close to others. What do you guys think? I'll fix those two typos anyhow.

Earth-160x90.patch (2.39 KB) Earth-160x90.patch Rhue of L, 2017-10-14 06:06 PM
0006-Update-large-Earth-scenario.patch (3.21 KB) 0006-Update-large-Earth-scenario.patch S2_6 Marko Lindqvist, 2017-10-16 05:20 PM
0009-Update-large-Earth-scenario.patch (3.23 KB) 0009-Update-large-Earth-scenario.patch master, S3_0 Marko Lindqvist, 2017-10-16 05:20 PM


Feature #707570: Large earth scenario - nationset "all"RejectedMarko Lindqvist



#1 Updated by Rhue of L almost 5 years ago

Could I have an answer on this, please? Could I turn on the "first city settled" setting for this scenario?

#2 Updated by David Fernandez (bard) almost 5 years ago

I personally like the idea of enabling "first city settled". It will ensure that capitals are properly placed and properly named. If you upload the patch, I'll try to test it.

At this point, you probably know more about this scenario than anyone else, so if in doubt, I suggest to do it the way you see best.

#3 Updated by Marko Lindqvist almost 5 years ago

For S2_5 we would want just the typo corrections.

#4 Updated by Rhue of L almost 5 years ago

2.5 or 2.6? I thought my version had gone live with the 2.6 beta? I'd also like to move the Aborigines to another spot in Australia in the first update for the sake of balance, Australia/Aborigines tend to become the most powerful nation because of the amount of uncontested land they can settle (1 civ for an entire continent, with the Outback in the middle, but still).

It might also be a good idea to slightly enlarge the Outback.

#5 Updated by Marko Lindqvist almost 5 years ago

Rhue of L wrote:

2.5 or 2.6? I thought my version had gone live with the 2.6 beta?

So the typos were introduced in your update? If the typos are in S2_5, they should be fixed there too. Other updates should go to later branches only.

#6 Updated by Rhue of L almost 5 years ago

Oh yes, Hungary and Panama are two civs that were introduced in my version. There are other civs at those starting spots that do spawn correctly, though.

I'll start working on all this to update in 2.6 then?

#7 Updated by Rhue of L almost 5 years ago

There you go - typos fixed, startcity enabled, the Aborigines moved north and has a starting position for the Poles, as requested previously (though they still get squeezed by surrounding Hungary, Germany and Lithuania if they all are in-game, which isn't likely with few players as per freeciv-web rules).

Thanks, David, for your willingness to test the scenario, although there's nothing to test here as of now. I don't know about adding all of the other civs - without the algorithm to spread the civs out uniformly that you've guys been talking about it would make the situation worse. Sadly, also when two civs get spawned close to each other with their capitals settled the land is not distributed evenly, but one will steal most of the other one's territory. It's a lot of work to map them all, too, but maybe in the future I'll do it.

#8 Updated by Marko Lindqvist almost 5 years ago

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#9 Updated by Marko Lindqvist almost 5 years ago

- S2_6 version: Extra space after startcity setting line removed
- S3_0/master version added

#10 Updated by Marko Lindqvist almost 5 years ago

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#11 Updated by David Fernandez (bard) almost 5 years ago

I tested 2.6 version, and I liked the option to start with the first city already built.
I'd just suggest to reduce the max number of players to be equal to the number of nations from the core set that has a defined starting position.

For example, in the small earth map I created 50 starting positions, but there were only 39 nations from the core set, so the max number of players was set to 39. This way, you can start a game with any number of players, and the randomly selected nations will never appear out of place. If the max players were set to 50, a game with 50 players would place 39 players in the right spots, and the rest 11 players would get nations from the core set with no start position defined, and they would appear out of place.

An alternative would be to keep the max players at 91, but to change the default nationset to "all" nations.

#12 Updated by Rhue of L almost 5 years ago

Nice, thanks! I'm not sure how to change the default nationset, but yeah, absolutely, all is better. If you try to start a game in the client it will tell you anyhow there aren't enough core civs to fill all the player slots. So I would change it manually when playing the scenario. In freecivweb the problem doesn't exist.
The other idea I don't really like, I think it's nice to give the player the ability to play with all of the mapped civs if they so wish.

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