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Shopkeeper, guard, and demoness all go non-agressive when it seems they should still be agressive.

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Some or all of this may be intended, but it feels wrong. There are situations in which when a shopkeeper, guard, or demoness forgets you, it will be non-aggressive when it next sees you. In particular:

  • When a guard becomes aggressive with you as a result of walking in on you when you're fighting a wench, he'll be non-aggressive with you when you escape and then he sees you again, even if you hit him before you escaped. I can maybe sees how that might make sense if you didn't hit him before you escaped because the fight between you and the wench has stopped, and he no longer sees a problem that he needs to intervene in. But one would think that he would have zero tolerance for for somebody assaulting an officer of the law, and would stay aggressive if you had hit him before you escaped.
  • When the shopkeeper is angry at you, and you successfully bribe him to stop being aggressive, he says "I'm not going to turn that down, I'm not an idiot. But I'm still going to fuck you the next time I see you. Now get out of here." The player then thinks that they've only bought temporary reprieve, and that the shopkeeper will be aggressive when next encountered (perhaps requiring a second bribe to become permanently non-aggressive). But when you see him next, he's non-aggressive. I think that the same issue may be present when you bribe a guard to be non-agressive.
  • When the demoness becomes aggressive as a result of seeing you on your knees, and you escape her. she'll be non-aggressive when you next see her. I find this to be particularly problematic because demonesses basically don't become aggressive through any other means, so that means that if the players wants to fight demonesses to (perhaps to keep their population down to try to keep the game from running too slowly) they're required to be the aggressor, which they might not want to do for roleplay reasons. On a roleplay level, it makes sense to me that a demoness might still be aggressive when you come back because she's wants to establish her dominance over you, and has low tolerance for people not submitting to her, especially if you hit her before you escaped.

I seem to remember that the wild gladiator and mechanic would also go non-aggressive after escaping them, and that that felt awkward and unexpected, but I can't recall the specifics at this time.


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As a related issue, I seem to remember that there was a time at which the demoness would become hostile toward you is she saw you not wearing footwear with heels that were high enough a couple of times. While being kind of weird motivation thematically, I liked how this pressured the character to become more feminine, and provided a means for demonesses to frequently become hostile toward you without you attacking them first.

Demonesses almost never become hostile now (and as mentioned in main issue description above, quickly become non-hostile again when you run away), which results in a large number of demonesses just building up in the forest, which seems to slow down the game. You might want to consider bringing back the mechanic of them becoming increasingly ill-disposed to you each time they see you wearing footwear with short heels.

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*if she saw you wearing

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