Bug #707793

Part III (the last 14 pending Gna! patches) of the "now valid" saga

Added by frank e almost 3 years ago. Updated almost 3 years ago.

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After everything simple (part I) + fresh from commons (part II) + lost nations with a valid SVG (AWOL flags) + all already migrated (from Gna! to HRM) technically interesting SVG issues based on aa-log.txt the rest in part III is about 14 flags not clearly belonging to one of the other issues.


#1 Updated by frank e almost 3 years ago

wales.svg was GNAPATCH#7461

Should have been in part II (visually changed now PD valid SVG needs new PNGs).

australia.svg was GNAPATCH#7452

Ditto (as for wales.svg). Skipping 7427 (nato.svg) now covered by #678456. Skipping 7422 (antarctica.svg), apparently the only "problem" was that I confused it with antarctica_alt.svg.

newfoundland.svg was GNAPATCH#7401

Ditto (as for wales.svg) with two bonus issues: The flag might be not more the "real thing" as explained on the Wiki, and it's only CC-BY 3.0, not PD.

scotland.svg was GNAPATCH#7399

Ditto (as for wales.svg). Skipping 7394 (west papua.svg) now covered by #707576.

#2 Updated by frank e almost 3 years ago

united kingdom.svg was GNAPATCH#7395

Ditto (as for wales.svg).

switzerland.svg was GNAPATCH#7398

Ditto (as for wales.svg), maybe the 1:1 SVG needs a manual intervention before feeding it into some "make flags + shields" script or workflow.

israel.svg was GNAPATCH#7405

Ditto (as for wales.svg).

hansa.svg was GNAPATCH#7407

Ditto (as for wales.svg).

#3 Updated by frank e almost 3 years ago

gael.svg was GNAPATCH#7463

Visually different PD SVG, mostly an aesthetical nit, is this good enogh?

hre.svg was GNAPATCH#7464

The current SVG on the Wiki is the old invalid SVG (145KB), a maybe better valid SVG (173KB) has a GFDL or CC-BY-SA 3.0 license, and a fixed (valid) version of the old GPL SVG would be huge (688KB). A possible alternative (hre-2.svg) is visually different, pick what you like better as long as it is valid.

jaffna.svg was GNAPATCH#7430

See the explanation on the Wiki, somebody claims to be the copyright holder by royal inheritance or similar.

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