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choose an icebreakr island for authority

Added by Tankbuster Paul 10 months ago. Updated 5 months ago.

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It's been suggested authority could run on an Icebreakr terrain

Authority needs,

At least 3 airports
No continuous landmass off the map (like Chernarus where the edge of the map is land, not sea)

Authrority prefers terrains that,
have few landmasses (seperate chunks of land). Tanoa has 3 and it runs fine there, Altis has just 1. So no more than 3 would be good
Have wide land sections. (Lingor, for example, is a bit 'stringy'. Much of it's land sections are narrow)
Not too mountainous.
A good number of big cities.
Not too many very small villages


#1 Updated by Tankbuster Paul 10 months ago


Too 'stringy' Too many land chunks that are long and thin and only two airports

#2 Updated by Tankbuster Paul 10 months ago

Duala has actually only 1 landmass as all the major islands are joined by bridges.
4 airports, though one of them is too far from a beach to be useful, so it has 3.

#3 Updated by Tankbuster Paul 10 months ago


looks the most very finished, Lingor and Duala look a bit sparse
4 airports
Perhaps too many small villages
Nice chunky landmasses

#4 Updated by Tankbuster Paul 10 months ago

Ambramia is the latest and the nicest looking, it's the most populated, but it only has 2 airports (it has a 3rd, but it has a town right next to it, which is bad for the mission code)
It's also mostly mountains and has too many very small viiages

#5 Updated by Tankbuster Paul 10 months ago

I'm looking again at them, and Panthera is now my favourite. It is lacking in enough big cities, but it looks the most finished.
There is definatel;y too many villages that are too small, but they are oftyen grouped together so when I index the island, I'll group a few nearby villages together to make a larger town

#6 Updated by rich cooper 10 months ago

I think pantherea is the best choice for the mission

#7 Updated by Tankbuster Paul 9 months ago

Datafile written for panthera, 115 targets. very boring

#8 Updated by Tankbuster Paul 9 months ago

global variables all done, plus sqm stuff
still need to make symlinks and airfield compositions

#9 Updated by Tankbuster Paul 5 months ago

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tried panthera, but it's not quite right. towns are too small, mostly. removing and closing

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