Bug #732318

Sleeping on guest bed in the Mansion and Wench Sex Fainting

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gameplay glitch
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Danaume Version.

SLeeping on the guest bed cause it to "glue" to the character. basicly, when the sleep is over, the character is stuck with the guest bed on it avoiding any use of the ass and other body part. The only known way to get ride of it, is to stand on the altar and it will destroy it. Sad part in that bug , we can't sleep on the guest bed anymore and it is gone from the clairvoyant's room. You know it would have been funny to carry a bed if we could sleep on it but "You can't see such thing".

I have cross that bug twice on 2 different play. On that play, I did want to try to keep virginity and to hold bladder but failed miserably.

On another note, I did not manage to not faint when the wench is dominating the sex even when going full submitting and the option to "Sex can cause Faint" is disabled.


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The wench fainting is intended

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