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Added by Table Top Joe about 1 year ago.

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1) nobody notices if you take off your armband
2) (probably related to #1) receptionist gives you a new armband when you already have one updated by the headmistress
3) run-time error P47 in hypnosis detention
All of these were in the non-hotfixed version (180302), but I didn't see anything addressing them in the hotfix.

Do you want to keep waiting until detention is over? (yes / no)

A zoomed in shot of a pornstar being anally destroyed by two dicks at once shows on the screen.
Your eyes refuse to look away from the screen, and no matter what you do the voice of the professor continues to penetrate your thoughts!

"One isn't enough for you, baby."

  • Run-time problem P47 (at paragraph 18 in the source text): Phrase applied to an incompatible kind of value.

You must supply a noun.

The screen shows a pornstar grinning as her partner smacks her in the face, slamming his dick in and out of her ass.
You try to keep your eyes shut, but they're glued to the screen! The professor's voice seems to resonate with everything happening in front of you.

"It always feels good to say yes."

You feel your humongous JJ cup bazookas and giggle awkwardly as you catch yourself absent-mindedly touching yourself.

You manage to shut everything out completely, drowning out the professor's voice by humming in your head.

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