Bug #738368

aeromancer destroys bag of holding

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gameplay glitch
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I let the aeromancer experiment on me and she destroyed my shirt and my bag of holding. I will provide the text below

Stone Stairwell
You can see a chuckling aeromancer here.

The chuckling aeromancer looks you up and down, which makes you very self-conscious about your shiny latex skirt, and causes you to cringe with humiliation.

"Hey, fancy helping me out with some more science?"
(yes / no)

"Nice! Right, stay still..." Pointing her wand towards you, the chuckling aeromancer concentrates. Air whips around you, hitting you from all sides with stinging strikes!
Your +1 Boobies T-shirt [dr] [r] [expose chest] is ripped apart!

As your +1 Boobies T-shirt [dr] [r] [expose chest] is destroyed, you feel its magic milk addiction suppressing effect transferred to you permanently!
Your dirty little whore bag of holding [dr] [r] is ripped apart!

"Curiouser and curiouser."
The chuckling aeromancer writes a scribble in her pocket book and then closes it.

chuckling aeromancer [greet] [ask]
kneel wait west north east up look

x boh
You can't see any such thing.

Unworn clothing:
blue scrunchie [dr] [we]
pair of leather 6 inch platform heels [dr] [we]
pair of latex 5 inch platform heels [dr] [we]
pair of leather 4 inch girly bow court heels [dr] [we]
B cup training bra [dr] [we]
+1 nipple pasties
yoga pants [dr] [we]
denim buttockless pants [dr] [we]
purple latex hobble dress [dr] [we]
gothic corset [dr] [we]
satin corset [dr] [we]
vinyl corset [dr] [we]
red latex microskirt [dr] [we]
black sporty microskirt [dr] [we]
office skirt [dr] [we]
pair of black sheer suspenders [dr] [we]
pair of laced nylon stockings [dr] [we]
pair of lacy nylon stockings [dr] [we]
Worn clothing:
cursed short black latex skirt of confidence [r]

chuckling aeromancer [greet] [ask]
kneel wait west north east up look

Inked tattoos:
ink me tattoo
Unworn clothing:
blue scrunchie[scr]
pair of leather 6 inch platform heels[lph]
pair of latex 5 inch platform heels[lpf]
pair of leather 4 inch girly bow court heels[gbc]
B cup training bra[tbr]
+1 nipple pasties
yoga pants[yp]
denim buttockless pants[bp]
purple latex hobble dress[phd]
gothic corset[gco]
satin corset[sco]
vinyl corset[vco]
red latex microskirt[rms]
black sporty microskirt[bms]
office skirt[os]
pair of black sheer suspenders[bsu]
pair of laced nylon stockings[lns]
pair of lacy nylon stockings[nst]
sapphire necklace[sn]
emerald necklace[en]
violet can
turquoise can
orange can
glittery can
turquoise can
cocktail glass[cg]
golden chalice[gc]
pink nugget[png]
strawberry lace[sl]
pink pill[pi]

This was on TrapQuest180304D and using wingit on windows. I was trying to undo to provide a save from before the bug but forgot to make a save for after it so i can only provide the before save. The aeromance should be wandering around the prison's guard bedroom and stairwell in the northeast, though she keeps giving me latex plug panties instead of destroying my items when I try to replicate it.

tq5.glksave (161 KB) tq5.glksave 225255 Steele, 2018-03-09 06:01 AM


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This was fixed in 5.5

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