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Players should be allowed to choose the position of an airdrop

Added by Tankbuster Paul 8 months ago. Updated 7 months ago.

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Airdrop position choosing is sometimes rough and results in lost valuable prize vehicles,

So, air prize vehicles will still be delivered to the airhead, but land vecs should be dropped at requested position.

How can players say where they want an airdrop? 3 possible methods.

Players salute while looking at the ground - mission chooses where they ar standing as droppos

Players throw a blue smoke grenade and where it lands is droppos. Note this is similar to what already happens - mission places a blue smoke on the place where it's going to drop.

Players mark the map, perhaps making a marker tagged dropzone or dz.

Players would need the ability to cancel and ability to choose and allow the game to choose, perhaps saluting the sky?


#1 Updated by Tankbuster Paul 8 months ago

Am hoping to avoid a major rewrite of spawnairdrop to do this.

Am thinking sending spawnairdrop a droppos of [-1,-1,-1] to tell it to wait for a droppos

On getting this, it would wait for a choice to be made by a player, then override the position choosing part of the script with data chosen by player.

#2 Updated by Tankbuster Paul 8 months ago

We can't pos the suggested droppos to the exiting position finder routine because it's too discriminating. Players might be standing next to each other when the ask for a drop right there and the position finder routine will not allow that position because of the builtin nearentities checks.

So, if players want a droppos, the script should accept their choice unconditionally.

#3 Updated by Tankbuster Paul 8 months ago

If the droptype (the object being dropped) is an air vehicle, the script will always choose the airhead.

If anything else, it should wait for a position, perhaps with a 5 min timeout?

#4 Updated by Tankbuster Paul 8 months ago

crusader says we shouldnt use salute to mark a drop. Although it's most unlikely there would ba e an active airdrop while there's a container being unpacked, it will cause confusion, so we'll use other methods

I think the wait for the marking will be done within the spawnairdrop script. A waituntil with a timeout, or waiting for a smoke or mapmarker.

#5 Updated by Tankbuster Paul 8 months ago

markers created by players are "_USER_DEFINED somemarkername"

#6 Updated by Tankbuster Paul 8 months ago

firedman eh can be used to sense a thrown smoke,

has a speed check for the grenade

#7 Updated by Tankbuster Paul 8 months ago

written a load of code. at the moment, the feature only uses the map marker method, and marker must be named dropzone, DROPZONE, dz or DZ

#8 Updated by Tankbuster Paul 8 months ago

Working on localhosting. check wht happens on dedi server

#9 Updated by Tankbuster Paul 8 months ago

timeout now working, set at 60 secs.

note that this system might be unreliable during the first 5 minutes of mission due to servertime bug

#10 Updated by Tankbuster Paul 8 months ago

Players need to be told that a droppos has been assigned, and by who.

Also, still want to consider the salute method, perhaps only if they are looking right down at ground?

#11 Updated by Tankbuster Paul 7 months ago

  • Status changed from New to Closed

closing this for now as it boilerplate works. Might add more features later

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