Bug #764485

wrong container trapped/trap discovered

Added by Nicolas Barto 10 months ago. Updated 10 months ago.

gameplay glitch
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When there are multiple containers in a room, the traps discovered do not match the traps triggered.
Probably some of-by-one-error or problem with iterating through the containers.

Game version is TrapQuest180711D, interpreter is gargoyle.

I have attached 3 savefiles, following the steps to reproduce the issue:

crate test.sav - 3 containers present, none checked yet
chest trapped.sav - the treasure chest is identified as being trapped, the other containers appear to be safe
sack triggered.sav - opening the large sack triggers the bukkake trap identified on the chest, opening the other containers triggers nothing

I reverted to an earlier save and redid the steps to create the savefiles, and in both cases the trap was triggered on the container listed after the container where the trap was discovered. For these saves it actually wraps around (the large sack is listed first here).

crate test.sav (173 KB) crate test.sav before identification Nicolas Barto, 2018-07-11 01:58 PM
chest trapped.sav (173 KB) chest trapped.sav after identification Nicolas Barto, 2018-07-11 01:58 PM
sack triggered.sav (173 KB) sack triggered.sav after opening the large sack Nicolas Barto, 2018-07-11 01:59 PM


#1 Updated by Aika X 10 months ago

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This is actually working as intended, or at least working as coded. Container traps are connected to the room and automatically trigger as soon as any container in the room is opened. This doesn't make sense for any trap which describes itself as having been inside the container all along, e.g. a magic dust trap, so yeah I should probably think about improving this.

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