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Server - multiresearch

Added by Anonymous over 4 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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It's in progress. Just checking for ideas. Patch is working, savegame works. Didn't checked many possibilites for bugs yet.

It allows researching different techs every turn,eg. player can store 27 bulbs on alphabet, then start masonry - get 25 bulbs on masonry, then continue alphabet with 27 bulbs.

Later it would allow:
1) New techstealing option - player wouldnt be able to steal techs but he would get bulbs remaining for some tech. Eg. Player conquers city of player B - he would get eg. 10% of remaining bulbs for each technology of player B + big bonus research from unknown buildings in that city like 30% towards 1 tech.
So if player had 400 bulbs in invention and player B had invention he would get 0.1*(476-400) = 7 bulbs only :D.
But if he didnt had invention he would get 47, if player B would have 10 such techs then player would steal 47 towards each technology.

2) Defeating unknown units - would give some bonus to given tech, like 20%.

3) Tech trading - Tech would be never traded in one turn. It would be settable in server but minimum 3 turns. If player A gives 5 techs to player B, player A would receive 20% bulbs at every turn, which would be used for cheapest techs first. So after 1st turn player A should have finished chepeast one in case of receiving 5 techs.
If player A would continue research on those techs - it would be 100% waste but it could allow him to get those techs faster.

Also each player could be transfering techs only to/from one player.


srv_multiresearch30.patch (9.05 KB) srv_multiresearch30.patch Anonymous, 2018-08-19 10:20 PM
srv_multiresearchV3.patch (10.3 KB) srv_multiresearchV3.patch Anonymous, 2018-08-28 01:04 AM
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