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Feature #866911

Build settlers of nationalities present in the city

Added by Alexandro Ignatiev 11 months ago. Updated 11 months ago.

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Currently, any unit a city builds is of its owner's nationality, including pop-consuming ones (see city_create_unit() in cityt
urn.c). This may be exploit-like when we conquer a city and can relatively cheap cope with nationality unhappiness building and adding back migrants. Any way, it's presumed that nationalities in the game don't easily change without assimilation.
Let the unit be of the nationality we remove from city population. This of course may be more complicated if we spend pop_cost>1, but at least we can require that the nationality of the unit should be present among the removed ones (like, a close group of colonists in the need to communicate accepts some common culture, most probably the dominant among them or one ruling in the city they depart from).
We then need also the feature present in commercial games - ability to select the settler's nationality. I propose put an editable list of nationalities on the city settings tab, and the first one possible will be selected. Let there also be a tick "purge the built ones", to be able to put the nationalities on the city production plan.


#1 Updated by Alexandro Ignatiev 11 months ago

Did some tests in Civ3 Conquests and found a discussion: Actually, in Civ3 no button found to select from whom to build settler. Two pops (one for worker), likely leftmost from the pop-faces row and a random (?) another, are taken, second one determines the nationality of the unit, the nation of the other one is forgotten; if you have only one your civ citizen, the settler will be foreign. That does not mean we need it exactly the same.

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