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Added by Brad Rushworth over 9 years ago. Updated 10 months ago.

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I have implemented using Apache/fcgid on a VPS on the East Coast of the USA.

While this site is sufficiently fast, we will be shortly migrating to a new VPS host on the West Coast of the USA.

This will improve the speed of
  • the hardware is significantly faster
  • the network latency is lower, especially to Australia and Asia
  • security is increased by using more advanced firewalls and FreeBSD jails

For the new server, we are experimenting with nginx and Phusion Passenger. I think this will provide a noticeable speed improvement.

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The migration is complete. If anyone is still having problems, please report an issue in this project.

The new server is faster and the network is faster too. We ended up going with an Apache22/fcgid setup.

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