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Feature #919768

Castle art request

Added by Sveinung Kvilhaugsvik over 1 year ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

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The sandbox ruleset's Castle extra doesn't have any art. It currently uses the Fortress graphics since it is an upgrade to it.

In case details are needed to better create art for the Castle: The Castle is an upgrade to the Fortress extra (that it self is an upgrade to the Fort extra). A Castle in a Fortress allows it to claim territory and to see cardinally adjacent tiles even when empty. To build a Castle require Feudalism (but some are placed on the map at the start of the game in 3.1 - the reasons why may be ominous).


#1 Updated by Lexxie L over 1 year ago

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Artwork for "open" and "closed" castle and unit activity icon can be found here:

Notes on why open and closed variants should both be provided to ruleset designers, are in that post.

#2 Updated by Sveinung Kvilhaugsvik over 1 year ago

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Nice! I like that there are two castles. In 3.1 sandbox will place some castles at the start of the game. I could use the second castle to make the placed castles look different.

Process note: This is "In Progress" since the patch isn't complete yet and since no developer with commit access has approved it. "Resolved" starts the 36 hour count down to commit. I imagine I'll set this to Resolved fairly quickly. :)

I have sent you instructions on git usage. Would you like to make a first attempt by creating patch-files that adds the graphics? I forgot to mention that each git command has a --help option. So git cherry-pick --help will explain what the commands do. I also forgot to mention that giving the patches for the different branches different names - say by including the branch name in the file name - makes my life easier.

#3 Updated by Lexxie L about 1 year ago

Foreground and background sprites for new base type "castle". This has two variants.

base.castle has a "courtyard" inside which allows seeing the terrain this base is built on. It is still closed enough to make it credible why you can't see if there are units inside, though it is not quite as plausible in this as the second type listed below.

base.castle2 is a full closed edifice which better justifies why you can't see the units inside it, with the disadvantage that it also hides the terrain the base is on (and you need to mid-click.)

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