New fail-over backup service

Added by Brad Rushworth over 4 years ago

We are pleased to announce we have launched a new fail-over backup service for at

The fail-over server is a completely separate server to ensure that has the highest possible availability and is no longer unavailable during software upgrades and plug-in maintenance. The fail-over server shares the same database as the production, so no data is ever lost, even when adding or modifying content using the fail-over. Even email notifications will continue to work normally.

We have been able to launch this new server as a result of moving file attachments into the Amazon S3 cloud and other recent service improvements.

If there is anything else we can assist you with, please let me know.



Added by Law Tony about 4 years ago

Well done !!

Added by Mariya Saifulina almost 4 years ago

Awesome! thank you so much!