Server speed improvements

Added by Brad Rushworth over 5 years ago

Hi all,

We have had some performance issues over the last week due to a huge number of search engine spiders swamping the website with obscure requests for complex pages. In response, we have revamped our robots.txt file, installed the Bots Filter plugin and added hardware capacity to our server. As a result, is now lightning fast once again!

We still want popular search engines to crawl including your public projects, however we believe we have configured a more sensible solution for managing spiders.

If you have any problems, please let us know.



Added by Dale Irvin over 5 years ago

Wow amazing Brad, your after service really amazing. Glad i use your plugin

Added by Collie Bottom 11 months ago

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Added by Alison Daewon 6 months ago

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Added by Jimmy Bond 5 months ago

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Added by Enrique Richard 3 months ago

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Added by Maisie Acton about 1 month ago

Great that you use Robots.txt file, you have to do it earlier because Robots.txt files inform search engine spiders how to interact with indexing your content. If you does it before it'll definitely helps google spider to crawl your page earlier..

Added by Euan Kurtis 13 days ago

Yes I agreed that you have configured a most prudent quick fix way for controlling spiders again.. Though still there is no need of removing robot.txt file because maybe it can't affect you website from crawling..

Added by ross ervin 9 days ago

We too faced problem initially but after consulting with out consultant we were able to tackle the issue.Thanks!