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Abstract: The ActiveCMDB system is a distributed Configuration Management system which actively

explores networked devices for configuration items and changes. The system propagates the idea that

a device configuration is a containment model. This means that every configuration item is contained in

another. Like an interface is contained in a motherboard, which in itself is contained in a chassis.

ActiveCMDB is a “stable” system.

• No user must be able to crash the system.

• Users are assigned to roles.

• The roles give permissions to what a user can do/see

• No compatibly issues on the client side.

• No limits in the amount of objects to manage.

• Use stable technologies (Ruby/Javascript/Riak/TorqueBox)

ActiveCMDB achieves High Availability through Distributed Storage and Processing

• Use distributed storage like Basho/Riak, MySQL multi-master

• Communication between processes is done via RabbitMQ

• Processing nodes determine themselves which is master node

Device communications

• Supported network protocols:

o SNMP v1/2c/3


o Telnet



Data warehousing

• Use MySQL as a data warehouse

• Device configurations and short term storage is done via Basho/Riak

• MySQL interface is accessible to many enterprise tools like IBM Tivoli

Open interface

• External systems must be able to query the system

• Supported methods, but not limited to: SOAP

Modern User Interface

• Rich user interface

• Javascript libraries like jquery



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