A tube is generally used as a hollow cylinder for structural purposes which facilitates liquid and gas flow. Tubes are manufactured in various metals and alloys in extensive sizes and grades. Om tubes manufactures Tubes of many alloys, most popular being Stainless steel 304. Among all the Affordable Stainless Steel 304 tubes at Om Tubes we produce seamless ones are popularly demanded. Om tubes configures exact dimensions demanded by the client and delivers the same with exquisite sales service. We understand the applications of the alloy and hence compel ourselves to use premium raw material in manufacturing our products with 100% trace-ability.

Stainless steel 304 tubes Stockiest can be in 1mm OD to 250 mm OD and from 0.2mm to 20 mm Wall thickness. They range from 1/2 inch NB to 48 inch NB.
Stainless steel 3014, also popularly known as SS 304, is a versatile material. It finds place in almost every industrial and commercial operations in place. The most common use of SS 304 is in pharmaceutical and chemical processing industries.
SS 304 tubes are prefect in food handling and processing, kitchen counters, dairy processing, marine hardware, wall panels, hospital and large medical machinery, etc.
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