We are world renowned Instinox Brass Tube Fitting and global exporters and distributors. Our main objective at Instinox is to ensure that as a customer, you receive a tailor made world class buying experience. Our fittings are tested under the highest of pressures to ensure extreme pressure sustainability and also come with an impeccable surface finish. Instinox Brass Tube Fittings go through not only government laboratory testing, but private laboratory testing as well. Affordable Brass Tube Fittings at Instinox as it produces and delivers high quality products. We also tend to any specialized or custom requirements that you may have as a customer and as a result of this we are proud to affirm a 0% rejection rate of all brass tubing distributed in over a decade. Being a Brass Tube Fittings Distributors we provide you with best quality product.
Tube fittings supplied are marked with the standard format of I-LOK-Size-Material-Heat Number. This heat number is 100% traceable to our records and we maintain very strict watch to ensure the authenticity of our brand isn’t duplicated by other brands. Affordable Brass Tube Fittings at Instinox in the best available quality.
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