Also known as loopyball in Germany and bubble football to the Europeans, bubble soccer us a sporting game that seem to be sweeping the world off its feet. This game is a cross breed of soccer and zorbing. It is a sport in which an individual rolls down a hillside or at times a flat surface in an enormous giant orb. The giant bubble surrounding the player is the same in construction as the bubble in zorbing; however, it allows the bubble soccer player to run around freely while wearing the orb.

In playing the game, the bubbles soccer may also be called a battle bubble. This is because while playing a person gets the urge to compete and be silly. While playing the game allows the players to knock each other down as they try to score against their opponent’s goal.
When the game begins, lie in dodge ball, the players run to the field in their bubble soccer suits to try to kick the ball fearlessly. As they continue in the game, they become very sweaty. As a player sweats  Bubble Soccer South Africa  through their suit, their visibility starts to drop making It almost impossible to see the direction of the ball. This is a fun game because the hands of the players are fixed and one has to maintain their balance using their legs. Although the game has greatly sacrificed mobility, the fact that all players are in a bubble, their sizes of the players do not matter and thus the game becomes a level playing field for all types of players.
One is able to become a great player depending on how well they can leap and keep the stress levels down so they do not fall over themselves. The safety of the game is guaranteed because even as they fall and roll, the chances of a player getting hurt are minimal. In fact, those in danger are the people who are not in the field.

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