Contiki – ns-3: Contiki is a popular open source Operating System for sensor networks. It provides all the functionalities a sensor application could need e.g. access to the sensor hardware, file system, network stack. All that with a really small footprint, and for a series of different platforms. The idea of this project is to be able to use the power of ns-3 to simulate realistic sensor networks running real applications over Contiki. The advantage of this is that developers can test their applications, the real ones, before deploying them on real sensors. The general sensor networks research community can also profit from that, since people will be able to make much more realistic simulations. Simulations will be actually running over the code of a real sensor network operating, powered by ns-3. Simulations will be more realistic and, on contrast to testbeds, they will be fully reproducible and larger scale networks can be easily tested. What could be more attractive to people working on the sensor networks field than being able to follow, and even debug, the whole data exchange process of a massive sensor network from the “comfort” of its preferred debugger? Not only the project is interesting from an engineering point of view, since the idea is to enable the use of a real sensor networks operating system over ns-3, but it can also be extremely useful for the networks community. Contiki is written in C and has a series of well-defined interfaces for enabling the code to run in new sensor architectures. What we intend is to develop a new “sensor architecture” that will be, in fact, a ns-3 node that implements the required interfaces from Contiki. On the other side, we will create a nw-3 sensor node that will run the Contiki OS.

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