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eSchool Journal


A web-based system for lesson journal entry and viewing
Electronization of journal allows for:
  • real time monitor and alert
  • reduction of error
  • saving of input time
  • comprehensive summary
  • easy publication of data


Security measures

  • Authentication (login system)
    Users with different roles
    Ordinary user can create journal entry
    Admin users can perform tasks which change other database records
  • Protects sensitive data
    Front-end requires HTTPS connection1 to protect against eavesdropping/sniffing
    All back-end operations and retrieval of sensitive data requires authentication
    Database is only accessible on local machine by the back-end server


  • IntelliMode
    lesson can be identified from Timetables given the room, other criteria are intelligently computed
    User can freely enter journal info if IntelliMode is disabled to provide flexibility
  • Auto-complete fields
    Easy filtering, saves user time in typing and input
  • Intuitive flow
    Optimized flow for entry



  • View important info in real time
    Track absent students and class performance
  • Expose public views
    Selected info can be made public in real time
    Homework assignments given in lecture can be viewed without login
  • Summary of journals
    With specific time period (weekly, quarterly, yearly)
    Plotting data into graphs



  • IMPORT (replace) the following tables from CSV files
    • Timetables
    • Users
    • Classes
    • Groups (class's can be divided into different group's in different session's
    • Students
    • Rooms
    • Subjects
  • UPDATE/ADD/DELETE tables on webpage through CSV files
  • EXPORT tables to CSV files



  • Start node and mongodb as service
  • Build system for release
  • Email alerts on:
    • emergency situation
    • modification of journal


  • Open Technology
    System is built with cutting edge open technologies that eases management and maintenance
  • For Human
    Great attention is put in feedback on user interaction to provide smooth user experience
  • Mobile Friendly
    Mobile users are taken into consideration so common operation can be carried out on mobile device
  • Support all major browsers
    IE 8+, Chrome (current), FireFox (current), Safari (current), Android 4+, iOS 4+


Specific customization to fit your need


v0.2.X 201305

[Database] Actually uses MongoDB for all models

v0.2.0 20130427

[Create] Added IntelliMode (with server that randomizes data)
[Create] Added date picker to select date
[Create] Uses radio group for session and score
[Create] Added loading icon
[Database] Start moving hardcoded data from client to server
[Server] Restructured folder, enabling longer cache time for vendor (third-party) assets

v0.1.0 20130420

First preview of system

1 Self-signed certificate is provided by default, schools can provide their own certificates.